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E1047 12V / 24V Digital Speed Switch

Cross Reference LS – 20 – A (3177)

This Speed Switch is a direct equivalent to the        LS–20–A (3177)

The Unit was designed to switch selected equipment (such as Reversing Cameras) Off at a specific Road Speed.

The switching off speed is set by selecting a combination of up to 6 switches, giving 64 options between the limits of 2.5km/h (1.6mph) and 102.5km/h (64mph).

The switching off speed can be Factory set or adjusted during installation.

The output on this unit is normally on and switches off at the set speed, it is capable of switching 10A.

The tri state Override input can control the output as follows:

Open = normal operation

Switch to positive = output off

Switch to ground = output on


                            Pulse Duration > 1.5ms

                                   < 1V: Output On / > 4.5V: Output Off