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E1155 20A 12V-24V Split Charger (13V Turn On)

E1155 20AMP 12V - 24V BATTERY CHARGER (13V Turn On)


This Unit = 2 X E1154 10A Split Chargers

wired in parallel to form a single 20A module

This Split Charger starts when the voltage

reaches approximately 13V.

This Unit has a Brown Control Wire Connection which is wired directly to the +ve Connection of the 12V Cranking (Donor) Battery. The Brown Control Wire Connection senses the 12V Cranking (Donor) Battery Voltage and switches the Split Charger on only when the 12V Cranking (Donor) Battery is being charged.

Unlike Relay or Diode Split Chargers this Unit automatically controls the maximum charge into the 24V Leisure (Recipient) Battery preventing it from becoming over-charged / damaged and prevents the 12V Cranking Battery (Donor Battery) from becoming flat / exhausted

Please contact us if you require a higher current rating than those shown