Euro Manufacturing and Marketing Ltd  UK Manufacturers of  Battery Management Systems,  DC-DC Voltage Converters and DC-DC Battery Chargers AVC19-MK2 (E679) E805 24V - 12V TRAILER VOLTAGE CONVERTER 165W
Trailer Voltage Converters, trailer voltage convertor E805, AVC19
E1244 24V - 12V TRAILER VOLTAGE CONVERTER 260W AVC19 Trailer Voltage Converter E805 Trailer Voltage Converter E1244 Trailer Voltage Converter 260W


These Units allows a 12Volt Trailer to be towed by a 24Volt Vehicle by converting the 24 Volts to 12 Volts

There are 3 Units in the Range:

       For Vehicles without Engine Management Systems:

       For Vehicles with or without Engine Management Systems: